S1 Form for Pensioners to Access the Spanish Healthcare System

How can I access the Spanish Healthcare System as a pensioner?

If you are in receipt of a UK state pension or another public benefit from the UK, you can request the S1 form to obtain UK-funded access to Spanish healthcare. The S1 form is a document that allows UK nationals/pensioners to request access to the Spanish healthcare system. The application form is provided by the Overseas Healthcare Services from the NHS, see more information here. It is important to note that registering with the S1 form will mean  the client loses the registration with the UK healthcare services and will only be covered for emergency treatments when visiting the UK. The form can be requested by phone at:

  • NHS Overseas Healthcare Services

Telephone: +44 (0)191 218 1999

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Saturday, 9am to 3pm

What documents should I provide?
After obtaining the S1 form, it has to be presented at the local INSS office alongside the following documents:

  • S1 Form.
  • Certificate of residence.
  • NIE (green form).
  • Certificado de Empadronamiento/ Padrón (Certificate proving register at the local Town Hall).
  • Valid Passport

Dependants will also need to provide a legalised birth/marriage certificate with the Hague apostille from the Legalisation Office in the UK. This process can be done online here

After providing the documentation at the designated INSS office, a Social Security number will be provided. With the Social Security number, you can request your medical card at your local Primary Attention Center (CAP). 

If you don’t wish to lose full health coverage in the UK, you will have to fund your healthcare in Spain through private insurance. After living in Spain for one year you will be able to join the Spanish public health scheme called “Convenio Especial” by paying a monthly fee of 60 euros (for under  65s) or 157 euros (if you are 65+).