What healthcare options do I have in Spain?

You can access Spanish healthcare in many different ways, depending on your status. 

If you are employed in Spain, you are entitled to full access to the Spanish Healthcare system as you are contributing with the taxation of your work.

If you are a pensioner, you can request your healthcare to be paid by the UK by asking for an S1 form to the NHS Overseas Healthcare Services and presenting it at the local INSS office  (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social) in Spain.

If you are not employed or a pensioner, you can request to join the Spanish Public Health scheme with the “Convenio Especial”. This is only possible if you’ve been living in Spain for at least one year. This subscription comes with a fee of 60 euros per month (up to 64 years old) or 157 euros (for 65+ applicants). It doesn't take into consideration any preconditions, so it is a very good option for older collectives.

Permanent residents (people who have obtained a permanent certificate after living for 5 years in Spain) have access to the Spanish healthcare system on the same basis as any other Spanish citizen.

If you have been living in Spain for less than a year, you will need to purchase a private health insurance policy to ensure you are covered. You need to ensure that the type of private health care insurance you purchase, provides a level of cover that the Spanish authorities will accept as being sufficient.  

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