Travel Advice to Spain

When traveling from or to Spain, as well as to any other EU country, make sure to always bring your passport with you and carry the appropriate proof of residency or any of the documents mentioned above if you don't have yet your residency card.

Public health requirements
UK passengers (excluding  children under 6) traveling to Spain will be required to comply with the following requirements prior to arrival:

  • A negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test taken within no more than 72 hours before arrival in order to enter the country. This test can be arranged with a private facility.
  • An online form, signed by an individual or as a family group, containing your contact details, history of exposure to COVID-19 and confirmation that you have undertaken a PCR, TMA or LAMP test in the 72 hours prior to the arrival. You can fill in the online form here. On completion, you will be provided with a QR code that you’ll need to show to the airport health controls.

Be aware that not complying with the previous requirements is fined with a minimum of 3000 euros. To keep up with the latest updates, make sure to follow the travel advice website from

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